About Us

We provide software solutions for your business

Businesses today face challenges originating from all divisions of the organization. Drongo technology is here to help you in providing you the most efficient way to solve the challenges facing your business and ensure smooth workflow 24/7.

The right software for your business

As we progress to providing software solutions for your business, its important to ensure that the provided software is the right choice to solve the problem. Drongo Technology will provide you exactly that.

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Data analysis and visualization

Drongo Technology ensure in bringing order and structure to collected data. It turns data into information teams can use. The collected data will then be putt into a chart, graph, or other visual format that helps inform analysis and interpretation

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AI Driven software

At Drongo Technology, we heavily research and develop modern software driven by Artificial Intelligence to ensure efficient and accurate prediction models. We ensure to level up with the rest of the world in order for our applications to be smart.

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We offer a wide range of services and provide efficient solutions

Any company is capable of providing you software solutions, but at Drongo Technology, we ensure to prove you the most suitable software for your business.

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System Design

System design is the epicenter of an efficient software. At Drongo Technology, we make sure the design is not only efficient for development, but also for the customer to use it.


Business Growth

Our aim is to enable the growth of small and medium businesses by providing them with the most efficient software for the busineses.


Business Intelligence

Businesses face tough competitions without proper information and decisions can have devastating effect, but with Business Intelligence, your will be equipped with the right information.

Work Process

How We Work


Identify the problem

We will do extensive research to ensure the true nature of your problem by dissecting every sector causing the problem.


Suitable solution

We will then provide you with a suitable solution to your problem and also measure the effectiveness of the solution within the trial period.


Update & Maintain

We will keep update of the software to ensure its integrity and availability. We will also maintain 24/7 for any errors that might occur during usage.

Our Skill

We are equipped with right skills

At Drongo Technology, we value talent and creativity. The founders of Drongo Technology are graduates of top universities and have experience in the field of software development, Artificial Intelligence, Data analysis and Information Security.

Web & Mobile Applications98%
Information Security85%
AI Solutions75%
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